Henrik Josephson is joining our team!

Sustainable Interaction proudly welcomes Henrik Josephson, PhD (Karolinska Institutet), psychologist, and expert on Motivational Interviewing to our team! One of Henrik’s main areas is gambling addiction and treatment of behavioural addiction. Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a powerful tool to motivate change, making it a valuable asset for treating various kinds of addictions. It is also of great use to anyone working with customer service or human resources (HR), and leaders will find significant benefits from it.

Henrik Josephson is a reputable and appreciated lecturer. At Sustainable Interaction, Henrik offers several trainings and courses, such as:

  • Proactive calls
    MI-based method used to motivate players to gamble sustainably. In addition, proactive calls were found to reduce the so called churn rate in big gamblers. In short: proactive calls both make customers happy with their gambling, and make them stay as customers for a longer time.

    The duration of the training is five days, and the participants will gain both theoretical knowledge and practical tools, which they will get to practice both in a safe environment and on live cases. The entire training is supervised by our experts.

  • MI training for customer service agents
    Full or half day trainings for agents working with customer service. During the training, the participants are given applicable tools to handle difficult conversations with customers. During the training, the participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and apply the tools in a safe environment.

  • MI training for therapists and counselors
    Full or half day training for therapists. Introductory or immersive training in MI as a tool for handling difficult conversations, motivate change and creating good relationships with clients.

Our training consists of equal parts general and tailored content, depending on your specific needs, qualifications and requests. The trainings do not require previous experience with Motivational Interviewing.

Do you have further questions, or would you like to make a request? Don’t hesitate to contact us.